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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Open Hearts, Open Doors, Open Minds

Our Mission 

Sharing Christ’s love 

with each other and the world.



Sunday Worship 

10:00 With Sunday School (Sept.-June)

and Nursery provided 

Bible Study offered weekly on 

Thursdays at 2 pm) 

Serving meals at Loaves and Fishes the third Sunday of each month. 

Offering worship at Evergreen Nursing Home the fourth 

Tuesday of each month.

A Foundation of 
Love A Legacy of Hope

A Preaching Plan for Hazardville United Methodist Church  


Answering the Call 

How does where we’ve been influence where we’re going? And how do we get there once we decide where “there” is? 

Oct. 1      Grounded in history… – 

A look at all we’ve accomplished so far. 

Oct. 8     …reaching for tomorrow –

Where is God calling us to go? 


Oct. 15   …living together… 

Yesterday and tomorrow are great, but what about today? 


Oct. 22   …we answer the call. –

Moving forward with all we have learned. 

Weeds in the Garden of Life 

God created our world to be a paradise, then sin entered the picture. We have been struggling and suffering ever since. A look at some of the weeds that sin has planted in God’s garden, and some thoughts on how we might remove them. 

Nov. 5      Walking in the Shadow of Wilson – 

A look at the issue of Nationalism.


Nov. 12     A Most Unwelcome Conversation – 

Confronting our nation’s greatest sin, racism.


Nov. 30     For Fear of the Boogie Man – 

Terrorism seeks to intimidate and control. We don’t have to let it. 

Christmas Goes to the Movies 

A fun look at the lessons of Christmas as seen through some of the classic movies of the season. 

Dec. 3      It Really Is a Wonderful Life 

We can learn something about perspective from George Bailey. 


Dec. 10    The Real Joy of Christmas  

You can dream of a White Christmas, but there are other things that bring

more joy. 


Dec. 17     A Story of Second Chances –

Think you are out of chances? Nonsense. Just ask Ebenezer Scrooge. 


Real Superheroes Don’t Wear Tights 

The superheroes of the movies are fun to watch, but the Bible gives us a picture of real superheroes doing amazing things. And the real secret is, we can do those things too. 

Jan. 21     Armed with the Strength of Many – 

Think Thor is strong? Wait till you meet Samson. 


Jan. 28      Into the Breach – 

Both Capt. America and Gideon know it takes courage to face overwhelming odds. 


Feb. 4       A Real Wonder Woman– 

Long before the amazon queen entered the battle, Deborah led the nation of Israel. 


Feb. 11      To Give Your All – 

Spider-man gives up his social life, John the Baptist gave up his life. Being a superhero can be costly. 

Sing a Song of Jesus 

Journey through Lent and into Easter through the words of some classic hymns that tell the story of the Son of God. 

Feb. 18     A Mighty Fortress 

Our refuge and strength. A help in times of trouble.


Feb. 25    He Touched Me 

There is nobody beyond the healing touch of Jesus. 


Mar. 4      For the Bread Which You Have Broken 

5,000 in a field, or 2 or 3 gathered at a communion table, Jesus feeds the hungry. 


Mar. 11    Softly and Tenderly – Jesus is calling…calling for you and for me. 


Mar. 18    To God be the Glory – 

So loved He the world that He gave us His Son. 


Mar. 25    Beneath the Cross of Jesus –

Shouts of “Hosanna” became shouts of “Crucify.” Where do we stand? 


Apr. 1      He Lives – And we’re not fooling. 

Political Questions, Biblical Answers 

A look at some of the hot-button political issues of our day through the lens of scripture. 

Apr. 8      What In the World Are We Doing? 

Why aren’t we taking better care of the planet we live on. 


Apr. 15    Gezundheit! 

Is Healthcare a right or a privilege? And should people of faith care? 


Apr. 22    No Vacancy! 

A look at the painful, difficult, and polarizing topic of immigration.


Apr. 29    Show Me the Money –

Budgets are spiritual, ethical, and moral documents. What does ours say? 

That All Might Sing 

A look at who needs help, and what we, as a people of faith, might do about it. 

May 27    A Movement of Mercy 

For whom does your heart break? 


June 3     A Helping Hand 

Those with no voice need someone to speak. Those with no power need someone to help them stand. 

A Magnificent Seven 

A look at seven incredible men from the pages of the New Testament. 

July 22     A Man Named Barnabus – A man who encouraged others. 


July 29     A Man Named Paul – A man whose passion led him to change the world. 


Aug. 5      A Man Named Peter – A man who opened the door to outsiders.


Aug. 12    A Man Named Onesimus – A man who trusted greatly. 


Aug. 19    A Man Named Silas – A man who demonstrated unwavering loyalty. 


Aug. 26    A Man Named Timothy – A man faithful to a legacy.


Sept. 2     A Man Named John – A man whose vision strengthened a church and gave generations hope.

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Here are several other Sundays  you won’t want to miss. 

Oct. 29 The Covenant Players will be here leading us in worship. 

Nov. 26 United Methodist Women Sunday 

Dec. 24 Children’s Christmas Pageant 

Dec. 31 A Service of Anointing and Healing 

Jan. 7 Wesley Covenant Renewal Service 

May 20 Pentecost, the birthday of the Church 

June 10 Sunday School Celebration 

July 1 A celebration of our nation’s heritage, and a challenge to make our great land even better. 

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